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A Complete Guide To Wearing Gemstone Jewelry With Style

A Complete Guide To Wearing Gemstone Jewelry With Style

Every piece of gemstone jewelry has the potential to make you exude elegance and help you showcase your personality in the best way. If you are interested in learning how to wear enchanting and enthralling gemstone jewelry styles, as well as understanding the meaning behind these gems — here is the perfect guide for you! Let’s get into it.

The most mesmerizing gemstones for jewelry

Gemstone jewelry pieces are not only stunning, but they are also captivating accessories that can create a striking look in the blink of an eye. These powerful gems are a vivacious and alluring asset that anyone can use to step up their fashion game. Therefore, we have prepared a few tips for you to get to know a little bit more about wearing gemstone jewelry in your favor.

Without a doubt, one of the secrets to wearing gems gracefully is to find your connection to these colorful pieces. For instance, you can choose the ones that you like the most based on your favorite color, your birthday, your astrological sign, or even the one that best suits your personality and style.

What is the best gemstone?

the best gemstone

This might be a tricky question due to the fact that the answer is very personal. Instead of going for the best, we recommend you go for the gemstone that grabs your attention, the one that speaks to you.

Thinking of that, we have made a list of some of the most graceful and radiant gemstones to help you get inspired. Hopefully, these astonishing gems will find their way into your collection, or even the other way around!

What are the most popular gemstones for jewelry?

Remember that you can include as many gemstone jewelry pieces in your collection as you wish, and you will fall in
love with the endless combinations you can come up with.

There are lots of colors to choose from, but don’t worry! Dive into the universe of colorful gemstones and discover
what you’d like to add to your jewelry box.

Check out some of these popular gemstones:


Ruby is well known for representing passionate feelings, being one of the best options for Valentine's Day. This gem has radiant and warm red hues, which makes it popular amongst lovers.


Known for symbolizing rebirth and fertility, these gorgeous green gemstones are the perfect choice for wedding and engagement rings. Emeralds also showcase a timeless and dainty beauty that can match other gems very smoothly.


These deep purple-colored gemstones are said to be a gem that brings soothing and tender emotions, such as happiness and love, which makes amethysts an ideal gift for that special someone or to be the next addition to your collection. Some people even consider them to be able to cleanse energy and help you connect with your spirituality.

Besides being timeless stones, sapphires are very popular gems. These deep blue-colored gemstones represent intelligence and the wisdom to make good choices. Not to mention that they are often associated with royalty.

Although they are mostly known for their stunning blue color, in fact, these charming gems lovely gems can come in a variety of hues. You can choose from a wide range, such as yellow, pink, green, orange, pink, and even black.

Choose your gemstone jewelry based on the date you were born

gemstone jewelry based on the date

These precious and semi-precious stones not only represent the month of your birthday, but they also express what makes you unique and the aspects that make you stand out to others. If you want to add these features to the storytelling of your style, here’s a quick list of birthstones for each month:
  •    January: Garnet
  •    February: Amethyst
  •    March: Aquamarine
  •    April: Diamond
  •    May: Emerald
  •    June: Pearl or Alexandrite
  •    July: Ruby
  •    August: Peridot
  •    September: Sapphire
  •    October: Opal or Tourmaline
  •    November: Citrine
  •    December: Tanzanite or Turquoise

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